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Helping Providers Stay Mission-Focused

Continuity supports Providers across the behavioral health and human services market in the various capacities related to organizational health. Our deep experience across mental health, substance use disorder, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and child and family services makes us the perfect partner to keep you focused on your mission. We'll help align you with the right technology partners to solve real problems in a cost-effective manner, understand your market and establish your brand, assist in strategic planning, and support leveraging data for analytics and reporting.

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Full Technology Lifecycle Support 

At Continuity we focus on EHR Replacement as a last resort, and we work to optimize the utilization and adoption of your existing solution first. Then, we shift to enhancing other aspects of your existing tech stack by optimizing what you already use or identifying new, complementary solutions. Using this targeted approach we work to show real impact as quickly as we can. Leverage Continuity's extensive experience to evaluate, implement, optimize, and support your organization's technology strategy.


Marketing & Brand Development

It's critical that the individuals you serve understand your commitment to the challenges they face, and that you clearly communicate the impact your organization can have on their lives. By looking across all facets of your business and analyzing them against local and national competitors, Continuity will ensure these individuals find you so you flourish within the markets you serve. We can also help you establish your Brand DNA through our exclusive partnership with Brand Aviators, and guide you through any stage of Brand Development.

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Operational Strategic Planning

Whether it be technology or other operational areas of your business, our consultants and industry partners will bring both expertise and critical availability to focus on this important work. If you aren't executing to a formal plan and validating decisions against it, there's a significant opportunity to bring strength to your organization and staff.


Data Governance, Analytics & Reporting

No matter how great your technology or strategic plan, proper data governance is essential for organizational health. Continuity will help your organization define and agree upon standard metrics, and how to discuss information related to the success of your business and people. Whether it's high-level strategy or the design and development of your analytics and reporting platform, Continuity's got you covered.

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