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Enhancing Vendor Market Alignment, Awareness & Growth

Continuity supports a variety of vendors dedicated to the behavioral health and human services market. We have deep experience in the technology space aligning mental health, substance use disorder, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and foster care providers with the right technology partners to solve problems so they can remain focused on their mission. Whether you're an industry veteran seeking a new perspective or new to behavioral health and human services and looking for a jump start, Continuity is here to help.

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Strategic Sales and Business Development

Let us help you make connections with the right contacts across the industry, develop a strong ideal client profile, analyze your addressable market, build or enhance your sales process, ensure alignment of product demonstrations to customer needs, or leverage our resources as an outsourced sales team to support your growth. 


Marketing, Brand & Content Development

It's critical that providers understand your awareness of the challenges they face, and that you clearly communicate how tightly your products and services address these pain points. We can also help you establish your Brand DNA through our exclusive partnership with Brand Aviators, and guide you through any stage of Brand Development.

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Product Management & Market Alignment 

Are you aligning your Product Roadmap to optimally meet your customers' needs? Have you verified that the roadmap supports your company's strategic goals? Leverage Continuity's experience to maximize the impact that you have on your customers, minimizing churn and fueling stable growth.


Association & Conference Strategy

There are countless opportunities available to establish relationships, build brand awareness, and network with your ideal clients. We can help orient these activities in support of your go-to-market goals. Continuity will make sure that your returns meet expectations for every dollar spent.

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Matt’s contributions to Welligent were innumerable as he leveraged his desire to understand the business, our customers, employees, and processes, to create strategies that improved our efficiency in successfully onboarding provider organizations. For an expansive product with unlimited ways to configure and set it up for a customer’s needs, Matt was able to help us create synergies that established solid working relationships and rescued failing projects, converting frustrated customers into long-term partners. I valued Matt’s advice through his time with us and he set us on the right path to scale intelligently in a hypergrowth period. I would not hesitate to bring Matt back in as the need arises, whether for help with implementation, sales operations, or other corporate strategy initiatives.

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